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The Nation Youth Football League (TNYFL) is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Colorado that provides multiple sports opportunities to all kids located in the Denver Metropolitan area. We are revolutionizing youth sports in Colorado by collaborating with different entities that share our desires for the ultimate experience. As the sole chartered organization with the the NATION is setting its sights on opportunities beyond Colorado. Our priority is EXPOSURE for our athletes and we will assist our teams who qualify for national tournaments. We are a corporation that firmly believes in re-investing in itself and its partners.

Creating Partnerships

The NATION is establishing partnerships with local area youth football organizations with the intent of developing a competitive and character enriched league. Our league features team’s that were established as far back as 50 years and are pillars of strength in their respective communities. With continued advancement of our league we will help more organizations achieve 50 years of success.

For first time in the history of Denver we are creating a feeder system to the Denver Public Schools football programs. We’re currently strategizing with their leadership members about implementing innovative ways to facilitate a clean and prosperous school selection process for our athletes. Our partnership with the Denver Public schools will be a vertical model beginning at our flag age of 4 years old.

Positive Support

This league is for the kids and providing them with the best experience possible. All adults will be held to the highest standards to protect the integrity of our league. With this being a multi-cultural league our goal is to demonstrate an ability to unify as one. Behavior and sportsmanship is of the most importance as adults. We can be competitive but yet co-exist for the betterment of our kids. At the end of the day all the kids want to do is PLAY and have FUN.


Our league is affordable. We charge $120 per player. This price is the cheapest in the state and is a bargain when adding the benefits of our services. All we require is full payment on time. When 100% fees are met we will re-invest in our teams.

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